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My name is Steve Saxe, and I'm a personal trainer based in Mountain View, CA. I've been a personal trainer since 1993, and my passion is to help bring out the athlete in you.

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Long-Term Athletic Development (LTAD)

Hello out there all you sports enthusiasts, parents and athletes – welcome to the hot topic of long-term athletic development.  First of all, why is it important and what does that mean, really – of course we all want to be athletic, healthy and able to play sports into our later years right?  Well with our big event coming up focusing on youth training I would like to aim this towards our 8-18 year old population and how important a concept L.T.A.D. is.



Con-tro-ver-sy!  Volleyball, baseball, soccer (O.M.G.), you name the sport – most all of the coaches want your children to play year-round now including an intense schedule of conditioning.  You’ve got a decision to make:

  1. I have this future Buster Posey or Kerri Walsh here, a full D-I scholarship waiting and these coaches can help take him or her there right?
  2. My kid is just like the rest of the 99% of them participating and just wants to play, have fun, be with their friends, and hey if they get really good at the sport and gain some positive confidence, leadership, teamwork = BONUS.
  3. Realize there are developmental times for improving specific sport skills but overall you want a well-rounded athlete BEFORE specializing.

Well obviously there have been the superstar athlete success stories, and if Real Madrid wants to sign your 11-year old, then take your family and move to Spain (this just actually happen to a kid from the DeAnza Force soccer club by the way)!



Early specialization creates over-use imbalances and injuries that, when started at an early age and exposed to long-term can be difficult to overcome.  The answer?

  1. If your kid is that future superstar then focus on #1 developing their weaknesses and build a more balanced, durable athlete #2 TRAIN for optimal strength, power, speed, agility and sport specific endurance #3 build-in recovery days/weeks to make sure physically and mentally your child won’t burnout or break down.
  2. If your child is in that 99% then don’t specialize, PLEASE encourage them to play other sports and engage in free-flowing game like activity – you’ll see the development come naturally and without pressure.
  3. Training workouts should focus on the aforementioned general strength & conditioning qualities, improving overall athleticism, and there you go LTAD.



“The closer the exercise is to the sport movement, the more likely the exercise is to screw up the sport” … Mel Siff

Coming from one of the worlds most respected Sport Scientists, this is a very important concept.  Have you ever seen those infomercials with the gadgets to improve softball pitcher arm speed or increase golfers driving distance?  In gyms over the years people come to trainers wanting the magic exercise to improve their game, and believe me I’ve seen some crazy stuff.  *Build an understanding of the qualities that need to go into the sport movement, and train those diligently!  Along with good coaching on the field or court + some specific exercises in the gym:

…you will see those qualities carry over to athletic improvement.



Parents often bring their 15/16 year old children to us asking to improve their speed & quickness, and we have a dilemma.  There are a few things that may have happen during those first 15/16 years:

  • You may have missed the optimal developmental times for speed potential

(we will get deep into this topic @ our youth workshop 8/24 @ Evolution)

  • Check out the family genetics J and get over them being the next Usain Bolt
  • Start the neural training NOW, hope you can find that fuel and bring it out!



Some of the most successful athletes didn’t start playing their specific sport until much older. Hakeem Olajuwan (one of the greatest basketball players of all time) didn’t start playing hoops until 17 yrs old and attributes his greatness and longevity to playing soccer and other sports before basketball.  Adam Scott played rugby, basketball and tennis all year round before specializing in golf at age 14.  Get with the right team and information about development, let it come naturally, focus on overall athleticism and give them opportunities to play without a lot of pressure.  They’ll appreciate that much more when they’re 40, can’t play football, baseball, or soccer anymore but are happy they have wicked tennis backhand J

5 ways to reach your goals while overcoming pain & injury

I recently suffered a pretty significant knee injury while playing a competitive tennis match and have been going through the ups & downs over the past few weeks. I say ‘significant’ because whenever one of us suffers an injury or experiences pain – it affects us in different ways… here are some of the things we say or hear from others:
I’m just getting old, I did something stupid, it was bound to happen eventually, why does this always happen to me, etc.

Coming from someone who shredded his ankles several times and got into the field of Sports Medicine because of spending so much time in the training room, I would like to share with you my perspective on how to deal with injuries and achieve great things because of them.

This quote has been floating around quite a bit in the past month or so. Simple as this – when we are optimally strong, we are more durable, prepared, and fit to overcome the demands life throws at us. Many of us want to understand the causes of our pain and most of the time you can point the finger to being imbalanced somewhere in the body during some time of stress.

Being injured can turn into a downward spiral mentally, but we have to keep it in perspective. I was at a pool party a couple weeks ago feeling crappy about my knee and inability to do something and ran into a friend who had just underwent a heavy dose of radiation for the cancer she’s fighting… let’s just say my whiny attitude turned around pretty quickly.

Turn the challenge into an opportunity to build up the rest of your body and do some different things. Although I can’t lunge, cut, jump, or squat without pain – I can step up and cycle which makes the joint feel better, + you better believe I’ve been hitting the upper body HARD! *If your back hurts during flexion, move in the frontal plane more and do whatever you can that doesn’t hurt + get out and walk more! As a close colleague of mind says – “mindful movement is the key”

The world today is full of excellent Personal Trainers Physical and Massage Therapists, Active Release/Chiropractic experts, and Physicians with experience and ability to help. Make sure you surround yourself with a world-class team of people and take the time to help yourself – when you’re in pain it’s a lot tougher to do your job and help others. At this time you should tap into your team’s expertise and ask for advise on some realistic new goals for yourself relative to training, treatment and future activity.

Eating well is SO important, especially when your body & mind need to heal and generate positive energy. Most of us also have a paramount goal of keeping body fat down, right? So if you aren’t able to burn off as many calories per day as you were – make the proper adjustment in your dietary intake and COMMIT to it until you’re able to amp up your metabolic workouts again (I had to fit nutrition into this topic somehow right…) “Listen to your body” – foam roll more often, get enough sleep, and start on the path of building the new more durable YOU.

**Oh yes and one other small piece of advice for all you aging athletes out there – don’t run into chain link fences full speed while trying to get a ball back over the net; there must be some wise quote that refers to let me know if you have one.

And remember…
“What does not kill you, will only make you STRONGER” ~Nietzsche

Anti-Aging workouts (Part Two)

We’re back with Steve Saxe, trainer to the executive athlete discussing Part 2 of the ‘Angi-Aging’ workout tips today. How can we prevent the effects of getting older so that we continue to feel vital and alive and enjoy life? Check it out:

So many people associate aging with losing strength, lower energy, more joint pain, etc. which lets all face it – it does take a lot longer to recover from injuries than when we were 18, BUT there’s still hope!
#1 STRENGTH TRAINING – the more LBM (lean body mass) you have the better (to a certain point of course). You’ll go through every movement easier, support your frame better, keep that body fat down, and look better! Hit the resistance training at least 3x/week including body-weight only workouts.
#2 INTENSE CARDIO WORKOUTS – It’s absolutely a fact that smartly programmed short-burst Tabata sessions throughout your weeks can dramatically improved your vitality & add years to your life. Google Tabata.
#3 – JOINT MOBILITY – Take the time to weave in joint mobility work into your sessions as rest periods and especially on recovery days; check out one of my favorites for shoulders & low back health:

#4 – BALANCE & POSTURE – In order to prevent injuries and decrease chronic pain, we all need to stay balanced – get a FMS assessment from an Evolution Trainer if you haven’t already & check out Esther Gohkale in Palo Alto ( for one of the best in the world on posture.
#5 – FUN & VARIETY – You’ve got to look forward to going to the gym. If your trainer is a dud let’s face it the workouts aren’t going to do much. The workouts should have music, stimulating activities for your body & brain, and on track with your individual goals throughout the year.
#6 – STRESS REDUCTION – Not only can proper workouts lower your blood pressure and resting HR, but should also improve the efficiency of all your bodily systems.
Thanks for taking the time to read my blog and stay tuned for more info on surrounding topics like supplements, Tabata training, Kettle Bell workouts and MORE!

Anti-Aging workouts (Part One)

There’s a lot of buzz around anti-aging these days – how can we prevent the effects of getting older so that we continue to feel vital and alive and enjoy life?

That’s what Steve Saxe, trainer to the executive athlete discusses with me in this weeks video. Watch it and learn Steve’s first 3 training tips for staying young.

Push up pyramid – simple way to build muscle mass

Follow this unique pushup workout to build some strength at the end of your workout!  If you can whip through it easily, add a 25 pound weight plate to your back or just go up to a higher number at the top of the pyramid.


Shoulder mobility routine

Optimal shoulder mobility is essential not only for upper extremity injury prevention and performance but also for neck and back health.  This short video will take you through a few easy exercises that can make an impact in your overall shoulder health.

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